Blogosphere re-entry

September 1, 2006

Thanks to Andrew Walkingshaw I’m making this brave new re-entry into the blogosphere. I’ll still blog java things at JRoller, but this will, I think, be a better platform.
I’m employed by the SPECTRa project as a software developer – developing tools to encourage / enable chemists to get chemistry data into open access, institutional, DSpace repositories (but we’re willing to compromise on any three of those, when push comes to shove). I play an unofficial role in helping members of the Murray-Rust group with the software engineering aspects of their informatics research projects. Since SPECTRa is funded by JISC, I also take part in a number of inter-project JISC initiatives such as the Deposit API interoperability initiative.
Things I’d like to write about in the next few weeks: –

  • Software portfolio management
  • The handle system
  • Chemistry + REST
  • DSpace technical review
  • Is “Academic software engineering” oxymoronic?
  • “Oh dear, Pakistan are hammering us at cricket again”

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