Simeon Warner – Cross Repository Interoperability

October 19, 2006

Simeon works on arXiv, and is really presenting the Pathways project which is leading on to the OAI ORE activity. For anyone not in the repositories area, this is a Big Deal to us. Consequently the landscape for Simeon’s presentation is OA, and the focus is scholarly communication.

He defines interoperability as

  • Improved linking
  • Better discovery across repositories
  • Overlayed tools
  • Provenance. Citation, article creation.

The really interesting aspect of this list is the omission of content portability, which is usually one of the first aspects of interop to be mentioned.

The Pathways fabric consists of

  1. Shared Data Model
  2. Shared Serilization of Model
  3. Shared Services

I need to research further into Pathways before next week’s DSpace technical review meeting.

Pathways models persistent identifiers as: –
1. Provider (identity of repository)
2. preferredIdentifier
3. version

How will this enable a client to resolve this? Wouldn’t they need prior use of the identifier scheme the repository uses in order to resolve the identifier? Or perhaps “Resolve” should be another of the shared services?

Simeon is emphasizing human mediated interop. I hope wholly automated interop isn’t out of scope. Correction: it isn’t – I just got the wrong end of the stick.

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