Blood on the floor, agreement on the table

October 27, 2006

The DSpace technical review meeting is over and I think we can say we won. But boy, it was hard work!

So what have we achieved? The full gory glory is available here and the distilled recommendations will be published more formally at some point. In the meantime, some highlights: –

  • A roadmap for migration from the JSP UI to Manakin
  • A definition of layers for a new architecture (storage API, properly abstracted interfaces to central services, all that good stuff)
  • An improved abstract data model that combines enough abstraction to support complex objects with making the entities important in repositories explicit.
  • A model for versioning (conceptually very similar to subversion’s)
  • New architecture and data model will not evolve incrementally from current architecture and data model. This isn’t starting from scratch – we have a good definition of most of the functionality required (the current implementation), and working code to borrow from.

There are, of course, areas we didn’t get to covering and details still to be decided on. The reason I’m upbeat about this week is that the recommendations we will be making have been discussed (Vigorously. At length.) by a group of great people all knowledgeable about repositories, so they’re pretty robust.

Things are starting to starting to happen again in DSpaceland. Watch this space!

One Response to “Blood on the floor, agreement on the table”

  1. […] Before the technical review, a survey went out to the DSpace community in order to help the review group prioritize what users actually wanted improving. The results have been back in for a week or so, and Charles Bailey has posted a summary of the results. […]

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