OAI-ORE is a web extension

December 11, 2006

I’m encouraged at reading this ORE briefing presentation (via Richard Jones). Highlights: –

Whatever we do needs to be embedded int he web; we are not creating a parallel universe.

The Canonical Representation Format (CaRF) [is the] Format to express a manifest of all available Representations (and Resources) for a
Resource. Fleshing out the CaRF is probably the core effort of OAI-ORE.

It’ll be interesting to see how ORE pans out – the outputs could well solve a number of my current problems.

As a brief aside: that briefing makes no mention of surrogates or FRBR. Have the surrogates gone in the name of being web compatible? I didn’t really get the point of them – they just looked like another representation to me.

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