Open Repositories 2007

January 24, 2007

I’m at the Open Repositories conference in San Antonio this week, mainly to present the SPECTRa project to the DSpace Users Group. The presentation (URL to follow) went well, with some good feedback, especially from John Mark Ockerbloom suggesting a route for our embargo schema.

There are few people blogging about the DSpace sessions, and it’s good to see positive feedback about the technical direction that came from the architecture review. MacKenzie Smith had some good news on progress towards establishing a not-for-profit organization to own and support DSpace. The ePrints and Fedora UG meetings are being held in parallel, so I’m taking as many opportunities as I can to defect and see what life’s like on the other sides.

I’m in the ePrints 3 launch session at the moment. The functionality looks good, although it’s apparently the main point of the release is extensibility at a lower level (although I haven’t got a strong handle on what’s extensible). The interface is pretty too, looks like they’ve been busy with Dojo. Lots of collapsable sections, ajax auto-complete and web 2.0 gradients. No reflections or rounded corners though 😉

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