DSpace add-ons with M2

May 11, 2007

Now that Buildr (like build, but 2.0. Geddit?) is there to soothe the ache of being so cool that it hurts and Ant caters for the no-fruit-in-my-muesli crowd, it’s increasingly unpopular to like Maven2.

I like M2 though. I haven’t come across a situation where I needed a 5000 line build file – it does most of the stuff I want at minimal cost.

Mark Diggory evidently also likes (or at least uses) M2 – he’s just posted a neat scheme for using M2 assemblies to easily make alternative add-on distributions of DSpace on the DSpace wiki.

There are a few other interesting possibilities here too – we’ve used assemblies to chuck project dependencies into a single jar so you can run them using java -jar. Not a big thing, admittedly, but the usability gain from not having to worry about classpaths including lib files is handy.

It should also be possible to create an assembly that included an embedded Jetty instance, and started it up using simply:

java -jar dspace-demo.jar

Which would be nice.

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