Barcamb live 2 – Matt Woods on Microformats

August 24, 2007

Matt repeated the premise of microformats, that content authors won’t do “big” SW (by which he means RDF, SPARQL and their ilk) and extends this to scientists, and showed us the simple examples used in the Ensembl gene browser. Matt emphasised the benefits of de facto standardisation (rather than the W3C style approach taken by

There was a very positive discussion about GRDDL afterwards. There was quite a bit of emphasis on how GRDDL allows you to disconnect the microformat mark up and the semantics of the data. I’m a bit worried by this – it would mean that semantic web specialists rather than the domain specialists ended up doing the job of standardising the data model. It would be better to keep on standardising in the microformat domain and just using GRDDL as a bridge to the RDF world. That way the data is still standard and still useful without having to cross over to RDF.

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