Barcamb live 3 – HTML5 – James

August 24, 2007

(sorry didn’t catch this chap’s surname)

Intro to HTML5. James went into the motivations for why we need something better than HTML4, and why it’s not XHTML2.

Was interested to see that the new elements (section, aside etc) were selected by examining CSS ids / classes in current use – unusually pragmatic for a standards process!

The video element allows for content format selection, essentially content negotiation without the negotiation. There are so many other elements where this would be handy.

The amount that has already been developed (at least in 2 out of 3 of [Opera,mozilla,safari]), or that are back compatible using javascript seems impressive.

James unsurprisingly didn’t dwell on some of the aspects of HTML5 that excite me most – notably being able to use PUT and DELETE as a form method, and the use of URL patterns in form actions.

Language design is sometimes expressed as a force triangle between Simplicity, Expressiveness and Power. HTML4 was simple, at the expense of everything else. HTML5 trades in some of that simplicity; mainly for expressiveness, but also for a little extra power.

It’s all good – I hope it happens!

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