Ouput from DSUG 2007

October 25, 2007

I was unable to attend this year’s DSpace User Group meeting in Rome, and the technorati feed for the conference tag has been woefully quiet. However, there’s finally some commentary in the Anglophone blogosphere about the conference thanks to Richard Jones and the presentation slides are becoming available.

Jumbo 5.4.1 released

October 22, 2007

5.4.1 is the latest stable release of Jumbo. This release includes a bug fix for a rare but severe problem with array delimiters. Maven users can obtain it from the WWMM maven repository at http://wwmm.ch.cam.ac.uk/maven2/ with g:cml a:jumbo v:5.4.1

Word play for a Friday

October 19, 2007

This (via) really caught the corner of my eye when it popped up in the aggregator. But on closer inspection it’s quite different to an architectural design for data repository software…

SWORD APP Profile Released

October 17, 2007

Julie has released the SWORD APP profile (via).

Agents & Eyeballs

October 2, 2007

Peter has mentioned that we’ve been writing a bid to the JISC Capital Call. Well, it’s in, but no thanks at all to OpenOffice, NeoOffice or Word. I manage to avoid using word processors for most of my working life, and writing and collating this bid has been a pointed reminder why. Word 2004 for Mac wouldn’t read Word 2003 files at all and only read bits of Word XP, Word 95 etc etc etc files. I did most of the work in OpenOffice (on linux, neooffice on mac), which did it’s utmost to make Word look good by crashing regularly.

I wonder if any CSS implementations are up to doing paragraph numbering and pagination on HTML? Otherwise I’m going to have to re-learn latex next time!

Thanks are due, though to those who commented on Peter’s blog, or wrote posts of their own in response. Although the JISC bids are largely marked on the quality of the bid itself, no-one who looks can doubt the community engagement and vitality, which were important components in the call for funding. So thanks to you all!

Hopefully I’ll get to write more about the project particulars in due course. We obviously don’t want to get scooped, but on the other hand this is interesting work that I’ve wanted to look at for a while, so we’ll look for other funding if we’re not successful with JISC.