CRIG Podcasts

November 30, 2007

Near the start of November, I was involved in a series of chats organized by the JISC CRIG support project, aiming to serve as an introduction to various aspects of repository interoperability and to look at possible areas for standardisation, and areas that might benefit from further research. The chats were in the form of conference calls, which were recorded and made into podcasts. They’re now available.

In the GET and PUT chat, Richard and I resurrect a long running discussion we have IRL about granularity and various aspects of resource description, and amongst other things, the potential impact of OAI-ORE and SWORD are discussed. The search chat led by Martin Morrey of Intrallect was very informative, it has a bit of background on Z39.50 and the birth of SRW/U, which happened before I was involved with repositories. The last chat I was involved in was the Identity chat, the main part of which was postponed, but as it stands is a helpful introduction to the FAR project. The full chat went ahead yesterday, and was a good discussion on lots of good stuff around federated access management, identity management and so on. The audio from that chat will be available in due course.

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