Billy Smart’s Circus (CRIG Unconference live)

December 6, 2007

The first session of the unconference turned out to be a kind of brainstorm to extract pertinent issues from the mindmaps generated through the preparatory chats.

The next step is a round of ‘dotmocracy’, which is a way of getting a bit of consensus on which of these issues people are interested in.

The last chat I was part of brought up the question of why we should bother with digital preservation. The argument against it usually goes that if people find resources useful they will preserve them anyway. I personally think that a kind of public interest theory is applicable due to the fact that current value of a resource is often lower than the future value of a resource – intervention is needed to protect the future value of the resource.

On reflection, though, it’s not the issue we should be discussing at an interoperability meeting. What we should be thinking about is “If someone wanted to preserve the resources in a repository, what interfaces / services would they need to be provided with?”

(I’m blogging this now because I don’t expect preservation to make the cut after dotmocracy).

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