Being Here (CRIG Unconference live)

December 7, 2007

Discussions this morning: –

What are we GETting? How to answer questions like “where’s the license for this resource”, “where’s the thumbnail of this large image”. There was talk of content negotiation services (e.g. The alternative (which I strongly favour) is to use descriptive links (e.g. link rel).

Problems and opportunities in utility computing (using EC2 / S3 etc etc). The problems are most often extremely prosaic – persuading the institution to provide a credit card with an unknown spend. Probably the best idea that came out was to use utility computing for a personal repository – your institution covers the costs and adds their branding while you work with them, and you can take your personal repo between repositories easily.

Multiple submission (e.g. to IR + subject repo + RAE tracker etc). As users, we’d like a single submission system for all these systems, e.g. put a presentation in ‘the system’ and have it propagated to slideshare + IR. As an observation, there are huge issues in pass by val (c.f. packaging) / pass by ref (c.f. ORE) that are not going to be resolved soon (probably at all).

P.S. can you guess the theme of the post titles?

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