ORE Challenge idea – collaborators wanted

July 30, 2008

I’m going to blog some more substantial notes on last Friday’s RepoCamp as and when time permits. In the meantime, a cool idea and a plea for collaborators.

The RepoCamp involved the announcement of not one, but two developer challenges in the style of the one at Open Repositories 2008. The first is a general challenge (for which I can’t easily find a reference: help please, WoCRIG!) to do something cool involving interoperating systems. The second challenge is specific to the OAI-ORE specification, and involves creating a prototype that makes the usefulness of ORE visible to end-users.

I’ve got a cool idea for this, but I’m going to need to collaborate to get it done in time, so I’m blogging it in the hope that someone with a bit of time on their hands will get in touch.

The idea: a javascript library (or userscript) that follows all the links on a page and if the link is an ORE Resource Map, or if a Resource Map can be auto-discovered from it, the link is decorated with an ORE icon. Clicking the ORE icon pops up a display of the contents of the ORE aggregation, a la Stacks in OS X 10.5.

There are some fun bells and whistles in there;  including making the interface super shiny and minimizing bandwidth.

Anyone want to help out? I was planning to use John Resig’s jQuery and HTML parsing libraries and possibly processing.js.

One Response to “ORE Challenge idea – collaborators wanted”

  1. […] I went away, Andrew Walkingshaw and I put together an entry for the ORE challenge along the lines I blogged earlier. A brief description from our entry e-mail: – PeekORE is a javascript application that uses […]

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