August 21, 2008

I would have posted this sooner, but I’ve been on holiday, hike/snorkeling in Galway. Just before I went away, Andrew Walkingshaw and I put together an entry for the ORE challenge along the lines I blogged earlier. A brief description from our entry e-mail: –

PeekORE is a javascript application that uses preloading and ORE autodiscovery to decorate links to pages representing ORE aggregations. It then allows users to quickly view and click through to the contents of an aggregation in a dynamic popup pane, without leaving the original page. It was inspired by the general coolness of feed autodiscovery, ORE autodiscovery, and Stacks, a glossy feature in OS X Leopard.

Kudos: –

  • The code uses the jQuery library for all of its DOM manipulation, AJAX and event handling. jQuery is awesome.
  • Pulling data from the Oxford Research Archive made this much, much easier. Thanks to Oxford Uni Library, and especially to Ben O’Steen for getting running such a cutting edge production system. We’ll owe him a couple of drinks if we win šŸ˜‰

And the screencast demonstrating PeekORE that accompanied it: –

If anyone wants the PeekORE code let me know. It’s a bit rough and ready, but the basics are in place for making it generally usable and robust.

4 Responses to “PeekORE”

  1. Daniel Gonzalez Says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m a developer of proyect Agrega (, a learning management system and digital educational resources repository used in Spain (funded by its goverment) and the UK.

    It is being released as an EU-PL open source proyect.

    We are about to use OAI-ORE in our proyect and PeekORE seems a good tool to test this capabilities.

    Could you send us PeekORE code?
    Thanks in advance

  2. […] together a JQuery based tool for visualizing ORE objects in web pages, with the working title of PeekORE. In response to a request from Daniel Gonzalez I’ve finally put PeekORE on bitbucket with an […]

  3. jimdowning Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I’ve heard good things about Agrega- I hope it keeps going well.

    I’ve put PeekORE up on BitBucket

    Thanks for the prompt!


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