Quotes from Panlibus JP Rangaswami Podcast

November 21, 2008

[I’ve only just found a good mechanism and time to listen to podcasts, so this is a little after the event, still worthwhile I hope.]

Earlier this month Richard Wallis of Talis interviewed JP Rangaswami at BT, and posted a podcast of the conversation. Sterling stuff – I thoroughly recommend listening to it in full. I’ve pulled out some of the bits as quotes here.

If you work in a very vendor dominated world you can abdicate responsibility for
a lot of what you do by transferring not just the risk, but the worldreward to the
vendor. That doesn’t scale any more.

If a problem is generic, look to the open source community to solve it. If it’s
a narrow market for the problem … then look to the commercial environment to
solve it. If it is unique to your enterprise, you’d better solve it yourself,
because no-one else is going to solve it for you.

We’ve lived through a whole generation of mistakes when we had proprietary
architectures for the way we had information in enterprises. First you paid
money to completely drown the information in concrete, then you paid money to
dig it out to move it somewhere else. That’s what enterprise application
integration looked like, spending money to sticking it into
somebody’s silo then spending even more money taking it out of silos. Instead of
exposing data you were excavating data, and paying for the privilege of your own
data. That is the danger we face if we don’t get issues to do with identity,
with authentication and permissioning, with intellectual property rights correct
in this generation. Because we will end up repeatedly wasting money digging out
stuff that should have been made available much more cheaply because the costs
of reproduction and transmission are going down.

Wishing I could self-replicate and get to Online Information (as well as going to the DCC Conference) to hear JP speak there!

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