Web feeds and repositories

December 10, 2008

I was invited to give a presentation on RSS and Atom as part of a SUETr workshop on interoperability yesterday. Of course I didn’t even scratch the surface of what can be achieved with feeds in terms of mash-ups, 3rd party sites and visualisations – but I did try to get across the breadth of ‘repository’ problems feeds can address, and the importance of feeds in easy wins to add value to your repository efforts (this theme courtesy of Les Carr on his blog).

The slides can be downloaded from either of these places: –

Slides from my presentation at the International Digital Curation Conference last week in Edinburgh are available from either of: –

The work on embedding semantics was led by Peter Sefton of University of Southern Queensland, who’s currently visiting the UCC as part of our collaboration on ICE-TheOREM (+ the ICE team’s trac).