Some SWORD updates

February 19, 2009

Being an aggregate of bits and pieces associated with the SWORD protocol: –

  • A quick note to clear up a common confusion I encountered last week at the JISC developer days: The JISC-funded project “SWORD2” led to the 1.3 version of the spec. There is no “SWORD 2.0” spec.
  • I’ve put my mercurial repository of the SWORD spec on bitbucket. This is mainly in the interests of transparency, rather than because I think anyone will be interested.
  • Mark Nottingham’s recent blog post on the evil of experimental HTTP headers points out that the headers we used in SWORD should be changed. We hadn’t read enough RFCs, clearly! I’m in the process of working out what needs to be done to register headers and change the spec in a back-compatible manner. As a result of this, I’ll probably create proposal to run the package type registry along the same lines as the IETF’s provisional header repositories.

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