Cambridge Clojure User Group Meeting

August 27, 2009

A few folks I’ve been in touch with are keen to meet up, talk about Clojure, FP, Lisp etc and maybe share code and ideas. The format will be chatting-in-a-pub but if it catches on we could do more structured things in the future. All welcome!

Time: Tuesday 1st September, 2009. 8pm
Location: The Kingston Arms. Has food, wifi and usually excellent and varied ale. 10 min walk from the train station.

15 Responses to “Cambridge Clojure User Group Meeting”

  1. Liwp Says:

    That’s excellent! I’ve been hoping to meet some other Clojure enthusiasts in Cambridge for a while now. I’ll try very hard to join you guys. Btw. Monday is the 31st of Aug 🙂

    — Lauri

  2. Sounds good. I’ve been reading up on Clojure for a few weeks now and it will be interesting to meet others with an interest.

  3. […] looking forward to the Cambridge Clojure user group meeting and all this ML and functional talk means that a sneaky peak at F# over the long weekend is […]

  4. Ola Bini Says:

    I might show up, since it would be nice to meed some other geeks while I’m in Cambridge. I’m a general programming language nerd, but I’m very fond of Clojure so it would be nice to chat with other interested people.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Sorry I didn’t make the meeting this week. Work reared its ugly head..

    Was the meeting useful? Will there be any follow on?

  6. jimdowning Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    There’s going to be another meet-up next Tuesday (same place and time). We’re also going to be developing a simple web app as a way of getting some clj miles. Will post details when it’s set up.

  7. Nilu Says:

    Hi I’m poking around in clojure and trying to build a couple of apps. I’m wondering when the next time there will be a meet-up?

  8. jimdowning Says:

    Hi Nilu,

    yes, it’s more or less weekly now – in the Kingston Arms at 8pm on Tuesdays. I’ll be there next Tues – hope to see you there.


  9. Nilu Says:

    Right what time do you finish? I’ll need to read up look up the train times I think! Should be free next Tuesday 🙂

  10. jimdowning Says:

    Depends who’s there and whether the chat is flowing – I left the last one I went to just in time to catch the 2305

  11. Nilu Says:

    Hi Jim,
    I’ll be popping by in two weeks from now. The 3rd I think :).

  12. Nilu Says:

    Make that the 10th, need to get the car 🙂 . Train is too expensive!

  13. jimdowning Says:

    See you there!

  14. Ed Says:

    Clojure to aid the lisp, ale for the slurring. See you all then.

  15. Sam Aaron Says:

    Just trying to get the ball rolling again – 7.30 @ The Punter on Tues the 5th of Oct and looking to keep to the first Tues of the month.

    Hopefully you can make it:

    Cambridge Clojurians Meetups Everywhere

    6 members
    1 cities

    A monthly meetup for everyone with any level of interest in the programming language Clojure in Cambridge, England. We’re an open and friendly group of people. We believe that being interested is more important than being interesting.We meet on the first Tuesday of the month, currently in the Punter from 7.30pm.We also have a mailing list:

    Find a Meetup near you →

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