Chem4Word is Open Source!

April 23, 2010

I’m happy to report that the code for the “Chemistry Add-In for Word” (from the Chem4Word project) has been released under an Open Source license.

At the start of Chem4Word the agreement was that the non Word-specific bits of the project would be released OS, and that the rest of the add-in would be made freely available, but not OS. Even then, though, Microsoft (and especially Microsoft Research) had evidently started a remarkable reorientation with respect to Open Source licenses, and I’m proud that Chem4Word is one of the first fruits of that.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the programming of this great software (especially to Joe), and thanks to Alex Wade, Oscar Naim and Lee Dirks at Microsoft Research for pushing the opening of C4W forward.

One Response to “Chem4Word is Open Source!”

  1. […] support. Now, Chem4Word was released earlier this month, as announced by Joe, and I just heard from Jim about it now being opensourced (and Peter blogged it too). Congratulations to all involved in the development! The Chem4Word […]

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