This is to announce the release of Jumbo 5.4.2 beta 1.

Jumbo 5.4.2 will be feature release, containing the infrastructure needed for an upcoming release of a much-extended and improved legacy2cml. There is also some built-in 2D structure depiction functionality. I’ll encourage Peter to write a fuller description for the release notes by the time we get to a final release.

The main API shouldn’t have changed all that much, and I’d encourage anyone who has integrated Jumbo to update to this version and let us know about any problems via this list and/or the sourceforge bug tracker.

Ways you can get hold of the release: –

File download:

From Subversion:
The 5.4.2 beta releases will be developed on
5.4.2-b1 is at

Maven: repository: groupId:cml artifactId:jumbo version:5.4.2-b1

Jumbo 5.4.1 released

October 22, 2007

5.4.1 is the latest stable release of Jumbo. This release includes a bug fix for a rare but severe problem with array delimiters. Maven users can obtain it from the WWMM maven repository at with g:cml a:jumbo v:5.4.1