Bryan Alexander writes on Archiving OpenCourseWare in DSpace.

Comment: The OCW approach to archiving learning materials was a large influence in SPECTRa’s approach to archiving chemistry data, so it’s always interesting to read about the problems they have, since we’re likely to run into them too!

I’ve packaged up the SPECTRa crystallography tool as a 1.0b5. SPECTRaX is a super simple web interface that takes CIF files, converts them to CML, packages them up with a METS manifest, and deposits them into DSpace via the DSpace LNI, all in the course of very few user clicks.

This is the first public release of the code, which you can download from the codebase website.

From techcrunch: Yahoo, Google and MSN have agreed to standardize on a sitemaps protocol. The new standard apparently it looks a lot like Google sitemaps, but is numbered 0.90, so perhaps there are a few features still to go in.

Why is this important for me in the data/repositories world? Well, It’s becoming increasingly clear that getting search engines to harvest metadata, or getting them to crawl metadata-only splash pages doesn’t work and we should be directing them straight to the full text if we want our content to be indexed effectively. Sitemaps allow us to build search optimized representations of our content (this applies double for data without a default textual representation) and point the engines straight to them.