Titus Andronicus

November 19, 2010

at the Haymakers, 18th November.

They have 4 guitars. They rock hard. That would be enough.

They perform really well, and I love the sound. Easily enough to buy some of the music to listen to the lyrics.

An exchange I particularly enjoyed – the lead’s guitarist had packed in.

Lead: “What was it Thoreau said about ‘all our inventions’? ‘Just improved means to unimproved ends’?”
Bass: “This shit’s not plugged in”
Lead: “Oh, yeah.”

Update – they’re awesome. They’ve been on heavy rotation in my playlist for much of the last three months.

I will not deny my humanity
I’ll be rolling in it like a pig in faeces
Because there’s no other integrity
In awaiting the demise of our species